Running, running, and running.

It was another beautiful fall day in Alberta so I took advantage of it and went for a lovely run in the sun after work. Sure there were people in winter coats and toques but I was hot and sweaty in my shorts and t-shirt! I ran 8.0 miles at a 7:48 min/mile average. It was a fairly quick pace but probably because once again I went on my route with very little elevation change. Ah, how I love running in the prairies… no hills!

My mile splits were 8:06 (since when is that a warm-up mile for me?!), 7:57, 7:48, 7:53, 7:55, 7:36, 7:43, and 7:30. The average pace was 7:48 min/mile but I’m sure it would have been faster if I wasn’t almost hit by a car about six times. Having to stop mid-sprint for a school bus speeding across the intersection a foot from my face? Umm, no thank you! 

I came home from my run and ate some “running approved” food, as in it won’t give me a stomach ache while running. I chose a turkey and cheddar sandwich and some strawberries. Perfect in-between-runs meal.

Next, I headed out the door to meet a couple of coworkers for a jog/walk on the river trails. It was getting cool and dark but it made for perfect jogging weather and it was awesome to see the sunset as we went!

Yet another awesome picture taken while jogging right? Feel free to contact me regarding photography tips… obviously I’m an expert.

I stayed in my shorts for our evening meet-up… the other girls thought I was crazy. I must get really warm really fast when I am moving because I wasn’t cold at all!

After the jog/walk meet-up with my work girls, I headed home but wasn’t ready to settle in for the night yet. I dropped off my keys and phone and hit the streets for a couple more miles before I called it a night. They were slow but the fresh air felt amazing. 

Two miles at a pace of 8:43 min/mile and I was done. I headed in for some tea and my pajamas. I don’t think I will have ANY trouble falling asleep after being outside in the fresh air for over two hours today! Don’t you love those days where you just go-go-go and run-run-run!


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