Signs of a Runner.

Never in a million years did I dream I’d be writing a post like this. Signs of a runner. It doesn’t mean I’m fast or that I win races, but I am a runner. Who would have thunk it? There is an awesome quote from John Bingham that I love…

“If you run, you are a runner. It doesn’t matter how fast or how far. It doesn’t matter if today is your first day or you have been running for twenty years. There is no test to pass, no license to earn, no membership card to get. You just run.”

… and you smile while you do it!

I am thankful for whatever brought me to this point where I now refer to myself as someone who likes running (most of the time) and can call herself a runner. That means that now I know the signs of a runner…

  1. My running clothes take up half of my dresser. A variety of bottoms in one drawer and tops in another drawer. I am prepared for many weather conditions.
  2. I have MapMyRuns, Garmin, Running Room, and Runner’s World websites bookmarked on my computer.
  3. My running shoes never make it to the closet. I use them too often to have to put them away.
  4. I live in Canada but know exactly how far a mile is (as well as a kilometre) and measure my runs in miles and my pace in mins/mile.
  5. I know the exact distances of streets, routes, and paths around my city. I also have an exact route for whatever distance I plan on running.
  6. I plan the foods I eat throughout the day if my run has to be in the afternoon instead of the morning. I know exactly which foods are “running-safe” and won’t hurt my stomach.
  7. Even if I don’t work early on a given day I still wake up before 6:00am to get a glorious run in.
  8. I have an unnatural love for bananas. 
  9. I stop by running stores just to see the latest clothes and check out the newest versions of my favourite running shoes.
and finally…

10. I get excited when I think about going for a run or hearing people talk about running. Even hearing the word ‘running’ a few years ago would have scared me.

There are obviously way more things in my life that point to the fact that I am a runner, or just an exercise-aholic in general. My coworkers would probably point to my neon coloured electrolyte water that comes with me to work after a long morning run. My family would probably tell you that my ridiculous metabolism probably means I had been running that morning or the day before. If you took a look in our kitchen “junk drawer” you would find about three Garmin watches and a few iPods. Lastly, I have playlists on my iPod dedicated to various distances of running. 

So I guess it’s true… I’m a runner. I’m not fast and I don’t run 142895 miles a week, but I enjoy it, and that’s what counts! If you or someone you know experiences one or more of these signs, don’t panic. Please contact me and we can GO RUNNING TOGETHER! 

Inspiration for this list from SkinnyRunner.


  1. Well, when I have run with you I am wheezing, trying to keep up. And, I try not to talk so I don’t run out of breath where there you are talking away like we are sitting in a car. Then at the end when I am flushed red and out of breath and full of sweat, I get a “Thanks, Mom for running my 5 mile cool down with me. I guess you are a runner.

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