Spirit of the Marathon… THE MOVIE.

How had I never heard of this movie before? It has been in existence for FIVE years and yet I have never watched it! Spirit of the Marathon is a documentary film directed by Jon Dunham that chronicles the journey of six marathon runners as they experience training and competing in the 2005 Chicago marathon. Of the six there are elite runners, beginner runners, and experienced runners and it is so inspiring to watch this film!

It is amazing to me what the elite runners go through to train for these races. Hours and hours of running and drills and therapy. The film features Deena Kastor as the female elite runner and she talks about running over 140 miles A WEEK. I get excited when I run that much in a month! I’m glad it wasn’t all about elite runners though because it just goes to show that anyone can run a marathon… even those who have never run before. The training, the dedication, the challenge, and then finally the race. It’s awe-worthy.

It made me want to sign up for 38957015 marathons. I came really really close to registering for a marathon in the spring but I haven’t signed up yet. I don’t know why I am terrified and already nervous to run a marathon. I have walked a couple marathons and even an ultra marathon with my mom before but RUNNING one seems scary… however, I can’t wait.

Before you know it I will be signed up… so close… so close!

As you may or may not have gathered from my blog posts, my parents are pretty much the best. Look at how adorable these individual hummus cups are. My mom bought me these to take in my lunch to school and work! They are BRILLIANT. Thank you Costco for coming up with such genius. 

I have been taking these to dip my carrot sticks, celery, snap peas, and cucumber slices in… instead of scooping some hummus from the big containers and taking it in Tupperware… because that’s clearly far too much effort. They are awesome. However, apparently some people aren’t as thrilled about me eating carrot sticks and hummus in class.

Sorry, but I’m really not sorry. I think she was just jealous.

Spirit of the Marathon II came out in June so I will be searching for that one next. Now I just need to decide which races I will be signing up for… these movies just make me want to RUN!