The Day After Thanksgiving.

The day after Thanksgiving may be better than Thanksgiving itself. Tons of delicious food leftover and no prep work and cooking for me my mom to do. Turkey is a perfect lean protein. It’s only when you make a tortilla pizza out of it that it becomes not-so-lean. 

Whole wheat tortilla, mustard (because I like my mustard warm on my sandwiches, wraps, and pitas… weird, I know), white meat turkey, and mozzarella cheese. Broiled in the oven. 

Delicious. Possibly better than Thanksgiving dinner itself. Just kidding mom.

I drank some electrolytes along side my turkey pizza tonight. Drinking neon liquids and telling people you are just gaining back your electrolytes makes you seem like a hard-core athlete. Fake it ’til you make it right?

I did truly need those ions in my water after 9.0 miles on the treadmill. There was a “Long Island Medium” marathon on TLC. Enough said. 

I did 2.0 miles at 8:27 min/mile, 5.0 miles at 8:00 min/mile, and the final 2.0 miles back at 8:27 min/mile. I felt really good running today, but I was distracted by Long Island Medium so who really knows. I did a bit of back and shoulder work after my run and then rushed home to make the delicious meal pictured above. 

I think it’s a sign I eat a lot of fruit when I randomly find apple stickers in my notes while studying.

I think I also see some coffee stains. My life is fuelled by coffee, fruit, endorphins, and electrolytes. Sounds about right!


  1. Ha – love the apple stickers. I find them in my purse all the time… Although since I got my new purse I carry my food in a not-over-priced reusable Lululemon bag instead…
    Turkey melts are the best!! Awesome run. Good luck on your midterms – you should be right in the middle of them now, no?

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