Treadmill talks with Stuart.

Hair unwashed in a pony tail. Whipped cream stained pants. Yesterday’s mascara… You are welcome customers. That’s what happens when I have to work an opening shift and I wake up more tired than when I went to bed! After work I needed some extra motivation to go to the gym so I dragged Stuart to the gym to talk on the treadmill with me.

He walked hills while I jogged. Yes, jogged, not ran. After the half marathon on Friday and a few miles yesterday plus a kick-butt spin class with my parents, my legs were comfortable going no more than 8:45 min/mile on the treadmill. We chatted on side-by-side treadmills until he ditched me for the rowing machine. 

My grandma and Wayne are in town and arrived today! We had a fantastic dinner of salmon, potatoes, broccoli, and salad. Salmon is definitely my favourite seafood. 

I think my plate was bigger than everyone else’s. Actually, I know it was because my grandma commented on that fact. My 6’4″ brother eats less than me… awesome. 

My grandma has a little dog that came with her on her trip here. Looks like we won’t need to vacuum under my chair after every meal while they are here!

My mom made her infamous tomato soup cake for dessert. It’s a tad sweet for me because her icing to cake ratio is about 1:1, but it is pretty delicious. There are no rules when serving this cake apparently because the pieces tonight came from the middle. Chaos I tell you. 

My dessert was better.

It is definitely better to workout with someone else. For cardio anyway. I like to talk to someone while I run or ellipticize because it makes time fly. Weights are usually something I like to do by myself because I feel strength is much more of an individual thing. Also, if I do weights by myself there is no one to make fun of my muscles, or lack there of… or laugh when I grab the 10 lb. dumbbells. Thanks for joining me for some cardio today Stuart!


  1. Kyla, you have to try the cake. It is delicious and a “Bates” favourite. That was our dessert after peanut butter and banana sandwiches on fresh bread at my Grandma’s house.

  2. Tomato soup cake?? hmmm… although serving the cake from the middle is just “the way it should be done” according to Grandpa Murray – so good on ya 🙂
    Your dinner looks delicious!!

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