Will run for pumpkin pie.

I survived the war that was work today. I came out only slightly scathed. I hope I didn’t get blood in anyone’s coffee today. 

The highlight of my morning was definitely trying this year’s Starbucks Christmas Blend. It is by far my favourite coffee. Christmas at Starbucks begins very early and I am 110% ok with that! I hope we get our Christmas music soon!

Yesterday’s ten mile pyramid run scared me a little. Towards the middle of the run I felt a bit of pain in my left shin. I am terrified of getting injured. I kept going and the pain faded in and out but disappeared by mile seven. I wasn’t sore or in any pain post-run and all day today so I cautiously jumped on the treadmill today. I set a workout distance of 2.0 miles. Once I got the “one-minute warning” that my workout was about to end, I checked in with myself and determined whether or not I should add another mile. It was honestly a really good system for me to assess how I felt throughout my run. I took it easy with my pace and ran 9:00 min/mile for a total of 7.0 miles with no pain, soreness, or stiffness! 

Better to be safe than sorry so I will probably take a rest from running tomorrow! I am slowly learning the difference between long term running goals and short term running goals. Yes, I love races. Yes, I want to run a marathon. Yes, I want to amp up my October weekly mileage before it gets really cold and snowy. Yes, I am competitive and try to out-do what I did yesterday. BUT I want to run for another 60 years and injuring myself by running 3819051 miles as fast as I can right now won’t help me reach that long term goal. It’s hard for me to slow down and rest, stretch, and relax, but to succeed as an athlete in the long-term I need to remember how important resting my body is. That, or I’ll ask my mom to hide my gym pass and running shoes. 

After my 7.0 mile run and an hour of spin, I came home to a wonderful turkey dinner! The house smelled amazing. What better way to refuel my body than with mashed potatoes, yams, carrots, and turkey?

It was delicious! My Auntie Pam came to visit us for Thanksgiving dinner so we had it tonight, on Saturday night, instead of Sunday or Monday. 

This is Stuart’s favourite meal. Usually it results in him OD-ing on turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes and spending the night in a food coma. I am very proud of him – tonight he is NOT writhing in stomach pain on the floor. Maturity comes in many forms.

Look at all of those beautiful fall colours on my plate. Yum.

For dessert we usually go with traditional pumpkin pie but this year we my mom made it crustless. We only like the pumpkin pie filling anyway so why make it with a crust when we don’t want the crust?! It was SO good. Creamy, smooth, pumpkin-y. 

Without all of the butter and sugar in the crust, and if it is store-bought, all of the preservatives, the pie is actually not crazy awful for you. Pumpkin is a vegetable. It is healthy. Actually, though.

I think most fitness experts would recommend pumpkin pie after a workout. It is the best food to repair and refuel muscles. Don’t question that. I am really enjoying all of this fall food, especially pumpkin. The other night my mom made pumpkin pancakes for dinner. Breakfast for dinner? Awesome. Pancakes for breakfast for dinner? Awesomer. Pumpkin pancakes for breakfast for dinner? Awesomest. I’ll have to try some pumpkin oatmeal soon!

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