A Good Decision.

It was a good decision to do my long-ish run on the treadmill this morning. I actually regretted dragging my mom indoors to run on the treadmills because when we got there it was gorgeous, above zero, and not windy at all. When we left however (and I’m hoping for the entire time we were in there) it was snow-raining, windy, and getting cold. Good decision, Kris. I also got to wear my Runsie, so that was awesome.

I ran 10.0 miles on the treadmill, with an overall pace of 8:27 min/mile. I wore my Brooks PureCadence2s and they performed fabulously. I have been slowly increasing my mileage in them and they seem to be great! I don’t know what happened to my hair when I was running. 

We came home from the gym after our cardio and while my mom did her Jillian Michael’s 30-Day Shred video I did some arm weight lifting. The heaviest dumbbells we have at home are 10-lbs. I did a lot of reps. 

Tricep kickbacks, bicep curls, anterior raises, shoulder press, lat pulls, chest flies. Can’t you tell how giant my arm muscles are? It’s a work in progress.

I could literally feel the salt on my face after my run on the treadmill. I guess that would have been the one benefit of running in the slush – it would have washed the salt off of my face. I discovered the coolest face wash ever… and apparently I need it with all of the salt I sweat out! It has actually strawberry seeds in it, how awesome!

I guess now that it has started snowing again my weekend runs will also be on the treadmill. Good thing I love that thing more than any normal person does! I also get to wear my Runsies; however I think I’ll be adding ‘chaffing stick’ or ‘vaseline’ to my Christmas list. Ouch 🙂