A Good Reminder.

Yes, I did a tough leg workout yesterday. Yes, I am super duper sore today. Yes, stairs hurt. 

NO, I will NOT whine about it. 

A couple of months ago one of my mom’s former students, Carmen, was diagnosed with bone cancer in her leg and immediately started treatment. It has been really rough for her and her family and after losing her hair, radiation, chemotherapy, and SO many trips to cancer centres and hospitals and clinics, she has just undergone surgery to amputate her leg. She’s 15. 

It really puts into perspective how precious our bodies are. We only get one – treat it well and never take it for granted! I love to run, train, lift, and push myself to my limits and beyond and I wouldn’t be able to without a healthy body. I woke up ready to complain about having to roll off of my bed to put my clothes on for spin this morning but a reality check kind of slapped me in the face when my mom gave me the update on her former student. She is losing her leg today… I am not… I have nothing to complain about! 

Here is a link to learn more about Carmen’s battle. She’s a pretty crazy tough girl and always has a smile on her face!

Now that we are all appreciating our bodies and what they can do, we must think about fuelling them. IT’S MANDARIN ORANGE SEASON! It really is the most wonderful time of the year.

Obviously I had one with my dinner.

It was just my mom and I for dinner tonight and usually that means giant salads and eating dinner at the island but tonight we were all sophisticated and classy and ate pesto chicken and spaghetti squash at the dining room table. So strange. I guess to balance it out it should be noted we were wearing sweatpants.

When I came home from school I changed into cozy pants and when we were eating dinner my mom asked why I didn’t immediately put my hair up into a ponytail when I got home. 

Turns out I’m a tad predictable. Spandex. Slippers. Ponytail. 

Comfy clothes and a hot meal are the perfect solutions for a long day at school. Not losing-a-leg kind of long day, because that is incomparable, but cranial-nerves-kicking-my-butt-on-my-anatomy-midterm kind of long day. I have some new tea flavours to soothe my own cranial nerves after working to memorize cranial nerves.

If anyone argues against the FACT that Bubblemint gum is the best flavour of gum ever invented we can no longer be friends 😉 Just kidding… but you’re wrong.

Cinnamon spice tea and some foam rolling should help my muscles recover so that tomorrow I can go out and do what I love most – exercise! My body is healthy and Carmen’s story is a helpful reminder that not everyone’s is – I am fully appreciating, loving, and not taking for granted my sore little long legs!

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  1. Good blog, Kris. 🙂
    My legs are resting tonight, but it’s a total reality check knowing that letting them rest for a day will make them better – I’m even more grateful for that tonight…

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