A Sunny Remembrance Day.

It was cold this morning when I hopped in the car at 6:45 am to head to the gym. -20 windchill to be exact. I wore shorts of course. I ran 5.0 miles on the treadmill at a fairly slow pace (8:35 min/mile) because my glutes were a little sore from yesterday. I started out running really slow but then one of my gym crushes showed up so I picked up the pace and ran with perfect form. I did 40 minutes of arm strength training and then tried some new cardio. Stairmaster WITH weighted punches. I did 20 seconds on/10 seconds off punching with 5 lb. dumbbells for a total of 15 minutes. HOLY. That is a workout! My shoulders are already really sore!

It is Remembrance Day in Canada so this Canadian Running Girl went to the Remembrance Day Ceremony like she does every year. My dad attends our local ceremony every year in his red serge and I have gone to see him and pay my respects to fallen and fighting soldiers since I was born so it is just natural for me to go.

The ceremony was well done and very well attended! The entire downtown was blocked off in front of city hall for the ceremony and march.

Awkward. I almost wore MY kilt and stockings.

I love seeing my dad in his red serge. It is just so Canadian. 

My mom and I were dressed for the weather but both agreed we were “cold enough” for Starbucks. We went to the Starbucks in Chapters to read running magazines before getting our coffee. Runner’s World is one of my favourites!

I put a toque on for the ceremony outdoors and now I have “toque hair.” Canadian problems? Looks like I will be spending the rest of the day with a toque and wool socks on, staring at the blue sky, and thinking about all of the Canadian men and women who have gone to war and even lost their lives for our freedom.

Lest we forget. 


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