Alone on the Road.

I have another exercise course this weekend, a third step in becoming a spin instructor, except this one is in Calgary. I hit the road alone yesterday afternoon and drove to Calgary to stay with my Aunt! There was a mandatory coffee stop before I left of course.

I regretted getting 20 oz. of coffee about 37 minutes down the road. 

It was weird and sunny/cloudy/grey/blue-sky the whole way down. Luckily I had plenty of episodes of the Jay and Dan Podcast to keep me company on the way down. It made the trip fly by AND no one was there to make fun of me singing country songs really loud.

I packed plenty of snacks for the road and trust me, eating carrot sticks and hummus while you are driving is for the very skilled driver only. Luckily, I just so happen to be that skilled. I only spilt about a third of the hummus on my pants.

I attended the first part of the course last night and got some dinner downtown before it started. What else would I eat except Subway? Footlong veggie sub on wheat, all the vegetables, extra tomatoes, toasted with the onions on it, no cheese, avocado and honey mustard dressing. I’m never high maintenance‚Ķ ever. It was loaded and delicious!

This morning I woke up early to get a run in on my Aunt’s treadmill. I caught up on a bunch of my favourite shows while running too! Multitasking! Whoa, I just happened to catch Dolvett in this photo. Coincidence.

I ran 6.0 miles at about an 8:28 min/mile pace. I walked until I hit an hour and I wanted to see who was kicked off the ranch on the Biggest Loser.

Just in case you haven’t seen mass amounts of sweat before.

After my run I did some abs laid on the ground for fifteen minutes. I actually did do some abs and did a variety of different crunches and medicine ball sit-ups. 

I love early morning runs. Best way to start the day!