An afternoon of spunning.

Once again I just couldn’t decide between running and spinning, so I did both. Spunning is a combination of the two best things – spinning and running. I didn’t just take a spin class, go to a drop in spin class, or do my own thing on the spin bike… I TAUGHT a spin class… well, to my mom. I clearly don’t know how to take pictures while on the spin bike. Oh look, I even covered the lens with my finger a bit… wonderful.

What was wonderful was our spin class. I have made a few more spin playlists and was eager to try them out. My mom was also eager to test them out. Hopefully she used the ideas I posted yesterday about how to make the most of a spin class!

It was a pretty good playlist and though we couldn’t play the music too loud, they were pretty upbeat songs that got our legs moving and our hearts pumping. Pyramid sprints are one of my favourite drills at the moment. We start with a 60 second sprint, 15 second recovery, 45 second sprint, 15 second recovery, 30 second sprint, 15 second recovery, and finally a 15 second sprint. They are super fun! The spin bike is definitely my happy place. 

Before spin class I did my first ever tempo run on the treadmill. A tempo run is a training run that incorporates higher pace running for a long period of time. The general idea is to warm up for 15 minutes, do at least 20 minutes of tempo running, followed by a 15 minutes cool down. I did a one mile warm up (9:00 min/mile) then 5.0 miles at 8:00 min/mile, then one mile cool down (8:55 min/mile). It is a pretty decent type of training run and it definitely wasn’t my last tempo run. Runner’s World has a great article on tempo running and how to perfect your tempo. 

Yes, I was definitely watching the Food Network while I ran. Burning calories thinking about how I will replace all of those burned calories. By the way, I decided on a ginormous salad and tortilla pizza and they were amazingly delicious.

I had my hair in a pony tail for my run because a bun always falls out while I’m running. I then have to put my hair up in a bun for spin class because when I’m doing a climb or hovers my pony tail is super sweaty and gets in my face. Can you say high maintenance?

GREAT workout today, especially because half of it was with my mom in our hour spin class! I liked the tempo run and it has some really understandable principles behind it, like being able to hold a fast pace for a longer distance than interval training. By building up this tempo you are setting yourself up for race day when you are holding a fast pace for a longer distance than your training runs. My newest spin routine, both playlist and drills, need some tweaking but overall it was a pretty effective spin class and I think my mom’s legs will be sore tomorrow. One can only hope 😉

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