Anytime now.

The day started off with a wonderful sleep-in amount of time laying in bed awake because I am unable to sleep-in. It was pretty great though. Once I decided I wasn’t going to be able to fall back asleep, I foam rolled, watched SportsCentre, enjoyed eating breakfast with my dad, and got to actually sip my coffee instead of downing it on the way to work or school. 

I hit the gym after work for an hour of spin class… well… me, on a bike, with my iPod, doing some awesome spin drills and wishing I was teaching an actual class. I used the same playlist that I made for the spin class with my parents. After spin I kept my heart rate up with some running and arm strength training. 

800 m run. 
Triceps extensions/push-ups.

800 m run. 
Bicep curls/30 second intervals of ropes.

800 m run.
Resistant band punches/hammerhead curls.

800 m run. 
Tricep dips/bicep curls.

264 m walk around the track to cool-down check out a cute guy that had just walked in.

I was a happy, sore, endorphin-filled mess when I was done! My biceps should be coming in anytime now. 

My mom told me to flex because she couldn’t see my muscle. Harsh.

It’s snowing and wonderful outside. My mom has the Christmas music on and I have tea in my hand… well not actually in my hand right now because my keyboard has greek yogurt, carrot, and peanut butter on it already so I probably shouldn’t spill tea on it as well. 

Studying, homework, and reading assignments will be the focus of my afternoon and evening. Look at all of the important scholarly articles I have to read.

Uhhhh, oops, I mean… these ones.

In a significant effort to procrastinate I will probably end up making a few new workout playlists this weekend! Who DOESN’T get excited for new workout songs?!