Cardio, cardio, and more cardio.

I gave my muscles a break today. Well, I just didn’t make them lift heavy things, but they were still working during my cardio session today. Today is my last day off before work and school resume. It has been a lovely three days. I was at the gym before 7:00 am on all three of those days. I have conclusive evidence I am a morning person.

I let my muscles “rest” and got my sweat on this morning to burn off some of the delicious pizza we had for dinner last night. Apparently I’m not allowed to call mine “pizza” though because I didn’t put cheese on. 

My “pesto and vegetable flatbread” was DELICIOUS. Everyone else in my family had leftovers… I didn’t. Oops.

This morning started out with my usual Tuesday morning spin class at 5:45 am. 45 minutes of tough drills and heart pumping cycling. The only part of my body that is sore today is my shoulders… stupid 5 lb. punches on the stair master yesterday… but that meant my legs were ready to go and I pushed hard at spin!

After spin I hit the main gym for a Cardio ADHD workout. Sometimes with cardio (not running) I get really bored, so I create a circuit and only spend a small amount of time doing each cardio exercise. This morning I did a short pyramid run and intervals of every possible cardio equipment in the gym.

2.0 miles @ 8:34 min/mile.
5 minutes stairmaster + 50 crunches.

1.5 miles @ 8:00 min/mile.
5 minutes skiier + 50 crunches.

1.0 mile @ 7:30 min/mile.
5 minutes elliptical + 50 crunches.

0.5 miles @ 6:59 min/mile. 
5 minutes Jacobs Ladder + 50 crunches. 

20 crunches.
10 left oblique crunches.
10 right oblique crunches.
10 dead bug crunches.
1 minutes bicycle crunches. 

Holy sweat. I tried playing “Connect Four” on some of the cardio machines during my workout and I set it to the “easy” level and didn’t win ONE game. Embarrassing. I’ll stick with watching TSN and TLC. The sun was just rising as I left the gym and it made for a relaxing post-workout morning, kind of the perfect start to my day.

I was more than ravenous when I got home from the gym and have eaten a few pounds of strawberries with my breakfast. How are they so delicious in November?

After I wrote my post yesterday about Remembrance Day, my dad came home and showed me the pictures someone took of the ceremony. This has to be one of my favourite pictures of my dad. It is beautiful.

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