The frost on the trees this morning was incredibly beautiful. It made everything look so pretty when the sun was rising! I would talk about how difficult yet awesome spin class was this morning but then you’ll think I just keep copy-and-pasting things from previous blog posts. Yes, it was hard. Yes, I sweat my brains out. Yes, I loved every second!

If you read yesterday’s post you would know that we ran out of carrots in my house. It was disastrous. I decided to try and replace that amazingly orange, crunchy, and nutritious vegetable with another orange vegetable by packing orange pepper slices with my hummus for lunch at school today. I probably get 793 times the daily recommended intake of carotene every day.

Sorry bell pepper, you have nothing on the perfect combination of carrot sticks and hummus. Good try. Thanks to my wonderful mother, when I got home from school there was a fresh 10 lb. bag of carrots in the fridge waiting for me. That’ll last me at least a couple days… I wish I were kidding.

I definitely had to eat carrot sticks with my dinner. I put some on the side of my salad to enjoy with my salad… but they ended up being more of an appetizer. You would think I would be able to wait 9 minutes for my chicken to cook, but nope… I was hungry. What else is new?

I cooked my chicken in Montreal Chicken Spice. I think I can add that to the list of spices I cook with. Oh wait, are Montreal Steak Spice and Montreal Chicken Spice pretty much the same thing? I have a feeling I am not on my way to a fancy cooking show on the Food Network anytime soon, despite how amazing my giant salad creations are.

Carrots weren’t out of my life long enough to change my skin colour back to normal. Seriously, I have orange tinted skin from all of the vegetables I eat. My doctor called it carotenaemia. I laughed… he was serious. It’s harmless and only happens when I eat a lot of carotene-rich foods (aka every day of my life). It disappears when I don’t eat carrots or yams for a while. Weird, eh? I love carrots so much that I am turning into one! 

Carotenaemia aside, I truly love carrots, especially with hummus. I have the morning off tomorrow so I am determined to run outside and stop hibernating on the treadmill… I am currently mapping out a route so I am fully prepared to hit the streets but I’m sure tomorrow I will post about how it was slightly breezy and felt like -2910753 degrees so I ran on the good old treadmill. Either way, I can’t wait to run run run!