Chafing on the treadmill.

The plan for today was to go home from work, throw on some winter running tights, and hit the streets for a long and peaceful run. I mapped out a route and everything! Then it snowed last night, and the sidewalks weren’t quite as clear as could be considered safe from slipping and falling so I threw on shorts and a t-shirt and hit the treadmill instead. Plus, you know I secretly love the treadmill and spending time with it is always a good time… and I’m really not being sarcastic!

I did a 10.0 mile progression run with a mile cool-down. It felt fast.

Mile 1 @ 8:40
Mile 2 @ 8:20
Mile 3 @ 8:13
Mile 4 @ 8:10
Mile 5 @ 8:00
Mile 6 @ 7:53
Mile 7 @ 7:50
Mile 8 @ 7:40
Mile 9 @ 7:38
Mile 10 @ 7:31

Cool down mile 11 @ 9:57

At one point during my run there was a tattooed muscle head doing his warm-up on the treadmill next to me. I was watching SportsCentre. He was watching Ellen. 

It was a monumental workout today… I brought a water bottle. Usually I forget to bring one or just don’t bother and down a ton when I get home but today I actually brought water to the gym with me. I didn’t actually drink any during the ten progressive miles but I had some during my cool-down and during the strength training I did afterwards. 

After my run I headed to a far secluded corner of the gym to do strength training because I smelled really bad and was sweating like crazy and no one needs to have their workout ruined by THAT! No joke. I did shoulders and back for 30 minutes. Once I was home I downed some more water and then needed a little sugar in my bloodstream after two hours at the gym so I enjoyed a delicious mandarin orange!

It tasted SO good after my hard workout. 

I was on the treadmill for so long I started to chafe. Haha! I think progressive runs are some of the most challenging and rewarding. It’s hard to run faster and faster and make sure you are constantly attaining negative splits but it is rewarding to know you are able to push yourself to run faster and faster as you become more tired. I may have been better off running on the treadmill today – it turned out to be a great challenging workout!