Christmas shopping is a workout.

I think I am more exhausted after Christmas shopping than I was after my half marathon yesterday. Crowds of people, tons of walking, lifting bags and carrying them everywhere. I 100% believe christmas shopping is a workout. I am tired.

I did get in a bit of a workout before my dad and I left for our Christmas shopping adventure. I ran 3.0 EASY miles on the treadmill. I didn’t feel sore at all this morning when I got out of bed but as soon as I hit the treadmill my legs didn’t want to go much faster than 9:30 min/mile. I did about 45 minutes of arm work after that. The old ladies at the gym were bench pressing much more than me… it really made me feel good. 

Conveniently when we were Christmas shopping I managed to scope out some road bikes at one of my favourite stores – Mountain Equipment Co-op. I am in serious need of a new bike and plan to do some road riding this summer so I am on the hunt for a new road bike that will make me ride super fast (obviously it’s the bike’s fault I cycle so slow). 

Considering I was with my dad shopping, and we both have some serious hanger issues, we definitely packed fruit and veggies to snack on throughout the day. I also ate a FOOTLONG veggie sub in less than 3.54 minutes. I love Subway.

We stopped by Chapters to see Jay Onrait as I am a HUGE fan and he was doing a book signing there, but the line was infinitely long (only a slight exaggeration) so we decided to take some creeper pictures and continue on with our shopping. One day Onrait, I will meet you, one day.

I am either the worst Christmas shopper or the best… I somehow always manage to buy myself something. I tend to forget who I am shopping for. We stopped in at Running Room and I just had to check out their clearance runners. Whaddaya know… a pair of last season’s Brooks PureCadence shoes… in my size. HALF OFF. Fate.

I think I have a problem. It was less than a month ago that I bought my Brooks PureCadence2s. He he. 

Even though we spent six hours accomplishing less than half of our shopping, it was a fun day and the Christmas music in all of the stores and the decorations in all of the malls were full of spirit! Oh and I got a bonus workout of walking, hauling, and lifting our shopping bags – excellent!