Cold weather = perfect after workout water.

I couldn’t really get in the groove during my run today. I can usually just get in the zone by mile two so I kept telling myself in the beginning that I just have to keep going and it will feel easy after a little bit. It didn’t until about mile five. I tried to just keep increasing my pace so that I would be done faster. It ended up being a decent run, it just felt a little longer than normal 😉

Mile 1 @ 8:45
Mile 2 @ 8:34
Miles 3-6 @ 8:20
Mile 7 @ 8:13
Mile 8 @ 8:00

I did half an hour of arms after my run and tried to increase my weights and increase the resistance on my band for resistant band punches. I love seeing progression like that! I left the gym and had my water bottle in the car and because it was a tad chilly out my water was perfectly chilled for post-workout consumption! 

Yes the lights are on in the vehicle. It was dark when I left the gym and dark when I left for work this morning. I should probably start taking some Vitamin D supplements – I don’t think I was out in the sun at all today! I had some pre-dinner salad because heaven forbid I wait 37 minutes for dinner after coming home ravenous from the gym. 

WE ARE OUT OF CARROTS. Literally no carrots in my house. Those delicious and crunchy vegetables are a staple in my diet. Whatever shall I do? Maybe a late night trip to Costco is in order; however I don’t know if I will have time for Costco tonight because I plan on watching this video of Luke Bryan shaking it on repeat all night.

I have officially moved up a stage in my “triceps dips.” I can now not only do them off of a bench, but today I put my feet on another bench so that I was dropping my butt below my feet. Next step: add a weighted plate to my thighs so I am dipping more weight than just my body weight. Progress!