Colouring my plate.

My day started will a killer spin class. I feel like I say that after every spin class but each and every time I am 100% serious. There was a really small turn-out at my class this morning so I think the instructor took that as a sign that she should focus on torturing the people that did come. I’m am really happy she did… my glutes are not so glad. 

I added green onions to my egg whites today… best decision I have made in a while. Why did I not think of this before?

Some of the best nutrition advice to start eating right is to make sure your plate is full of colour. No, not like this.

I think by eating 39 different kinds of fruit with my breakfast I accomplished eating a meal full of colour. I should probably stop rehydrating with coffee after spin class. 

Just kidding. I downed a ton of water too. I fill up my litre water bottle every day and it reminds me to drink it throughout the day. That means I also pee about 17 times a day… and that’s a legitimate, factual, and conservative estimate. So of course by downing a bunch of water with my breakfast, as soon as I got on the hour-long bus ride to University I had to pee. Good times.

My dinner was definitely full of colour too. I couldn’t stay on a roll all day with my good decisions, I peaked with the green onions I guess. I decided “spring greens mix” was going to be my base of choice for my salad. Instant regret. I think someone scraped up all of the dead leaves after they blew off of the trees this fall and sold them as “spring greens mix.” Not so delicious. Iceberg, spinach, romaine, and kale. Lesson learned. The candied pecans almost made up for my choice in greens. Almost.

My Auntie Pam is back in town for a couple nights. Cute siblings just looking at something on the computer… they look bored and confused. Obviously not reading my blog.

Those colourful meals definitely fuel my hard spin classes. Speaking of hard spin classes, I registered for “Spin Cyclone – Advanced Spin” which starts in January. I am mentally preparing myself to not be able to move my legs the next day. This love for spin just might kill me 🙂