Cozy days begin.

I think I would like to start off by saying I am SO grateful for the extra hour of sleep I got last night. I mean it sucks that it now gets dark around 5:30, but I had one of the best sleeps of my life last night because of that extra hour! 

After my wonderful sleep I woke up to a snow covered ground! It actually felt like winter today. It was cold, icy, snowy, and GORGEOUS!!

The chilly weather and the fact that it is now Christmas at Starbucks gave me good reason to wear the boot cuffs that my cousin made me! I got quite a few compliments on them at work!

This early sunset thing and the changing weather means it is time for cozy days. I love this season for it’s tea and soup and flannel pajamas and hot chocolate and fireplaces and coziness. It is also necessary to get as cozy as possible after an hour and a half of cardio at the gym after work. 8.0 mile run at an 8:26 min/mile pace and then 20 minutes of stairmaster. In other words, sweat sweat sweat. After I showered I got straight into my snowflake flannel pajamas and high school sweatshirt. Classy is my middle name.

My mom made a DELICIOUS apple and butternut squash soup for dinner. Full of veggies, really healthy, and super good! I absolutely adore soups, chillies, and stews during these cold months.

As if it could get better. Joy tea has arrived! Black tea, green tea, and oolong tea, all in one little bag – it reminds me of Christmas! Only 51 days until Christmas. Just sayin’. 

In case you want to constantly be counting down the minutes until Christmas like me, just go to this website. I have officially made it my internet homepage. I love these cozy days and nights… exercise, soup, tea, pajamas… what more can one ask for? 

Is it too early to bust out the Christmas music? 


  1. I’ve had the Christmas music on for over a week already. We are CLEARLY related. 🙂 Like seriously – aside from the 8 mile run I could have written this post :p All things cozy rock.

  2. yes…. wait until after Remembrance Day at least. Then go nuts with “Jingle Bells, batman smell, Robin laid an egg….”

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