Fitness Motivation.

I love finding awesome quotes, pictures, or sayings about fitness and especially fitness motivation. I keep them as the “lock” screen on my phone, I use them as the desktop background on my computer, and I repeat them to myself when I need to push myself through a workout! I thought I would gather a few of my latest favourites in case you need a little motivation yourself!

If you don’t wake up with positive energy, your day is not going to be very positive… although I might be saying this because I am definitely a morning person and NOT a night owl! Setting the alarm on your phone with a motivational title is one way to start the day right!

Sometimes it is really simple. Just do it.

This one really puts time management in perspective. If you can’t find the time to workout you MAKE the time to workout. Schedule it into a planner, write out your goals, whatever it takes… one hour can be a killer workout and it only requires 4% of your day.

One of my favourites. I’m sure plenty of people think I hate my body when they see me on the treadmill day after day but it’s actually quite the opposite. I love my body (most days 😉 and exercising gives me major confidence in my self and my body.

Think of your body as a canvas. Create what YOU want. Only YOU have the power the paint that canvas and as long as you think your art is beautiful, that is all that matters.

A simple health check is sometimes the motivation needed to get off the couch and out for a walk or run. 

Speaking of health checks… this is my favourite cartoon.

Major motivation. Think about your goals, write them down. When you really think about why you started or what your goal is, it makes it really hard to quit!

Ahh, endorphins. My drug of choice.

This is probably some of the best motivation. Who could ignore the wishes of Ryan Gosling? Not I.

I think I wake up about three miles into my run when I do it in the morning. It makes it go by wicked fast because by the time I realize what I am doing I only have a little bit left! This is especially true when I am on the treadmill. I turn on SportsCentre and zone out listening to all of the highlights and such and BAM… run over.

Positive attitude = positive results. A healthy body IMAGE is one of the hardest things to achieve but it is one of the most important. Next time you get out of the shower, take a look in the mirror, and ask yourself… “Why does that mirror look SO attractive?”

A lot of my exercise is enjoyment, habit, and of course addiction, but sometimes I need an extra little kick of motivation. Having inspirational quotes, sayings, mantras, photos (even of yourself!), and written goals make it easy to jump out of bed, throw on some spandex and work your butt off… literally! Find YOUR inspiration and motivation – it really helps in achieving your fitness goals… and life goals!


  1. Where’s the one about exercising so you can enjoy your wine, chocolate and candy without too much guilt?

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