I can officially run indoors.

Winter has arrived! We got a ton of snow today which means road running season is hit-and-miss now. Icy sidewalks, wet and snowy streets, unplowed roads, temperatures that don’t climb much above -10… I guess that means I will have to spend a few months on the treadmill… how sad.. ha!

I ran 4.0 miles on the treadmill (8:15 min/mile) before doing an hour of spin. Once again I used my favourite spin playlist and rocked it out. I kind of pretended I was teaching a class and thinking of what I would say during the class. A couple of times I caught myself mouthing my commentary and the people walking the track around me probably thought I was crazy!

I was more than ready for dinner when I got home from the gym. Especially because it took me twice as long to drive home due to the snow. My mom made salmon burgers, salad, and yam fries… well, at least I think they were yam fries.

My dad was really focused on the dinner conversation. As always I had plenty of important and hilarious things to say and he was intent on listening to every word.

Uh, wait a second… I think he was more focused on THIS.

What happened to good old lively conversation around the dinner table over a burnt well-cooked meal? I guess my dad deserves a break, he was outside all day making sure the driveway was clear as it kept snowing and snowing and snowing. Yes, that is a leaf blower. Canadian problems.

I have to admit, despite the snow and wind and cold, it looks pretty darn gorgeous outside. The trees have a perfect layer of snow on their branches and everything looks so clean and pretty with a dump of snow! It is probably best that my marathon training won’t ALL be done in the winter months… 20 mile long runs on a treadmill don’t actually sound that fun… even I would get a little bored!