It’s official… I’m already nervous.

First of all, I love when my gym wrist band matches my outfit. OCD alert. I also love when my spin teacher blasts Eminem for the last drill in class… he clearly knows how to make me give my all right until the end!

I picked up Kathrine Switzer’s book, “Marathon Woman,” last week and haven’t been able to put it down since. She has had such a fascinating life and I wanted to keep reading and reading!

“In 1967, Kathrine Switzer was the first woman to register for and wear bib numbers in what was then the all-male Boston Marathon, infuriating one of the event directors. He attacked her mid race, trying to violently eject her. In what would become one of the all-time iconic images in sports, Switzer escaped from the director, with the help of her fellow runners, and finished the race. Not only was this a watershed moment for the sport, it also became a significant event in women’s history – a force for social change and empowerment for women worldwide. Switzer went on to create the Avon Running program, composed of twenty-seven countries, with more than a million women participants, and was instrumental in securing the women’s marathon event in the Olympic games, an event which changed world thinking on women’s capabilities.” 

Told you it was good.

Kathrine Switzer is funny, intelligent, and humble… all of which made her a really neat person to read about! 

She is super inspirational… in fact so inspirational that I finally did it… I registered for a marathon. 

I have done a few marathons before, my first one was with my mom and cousin when I was 14! I walked them really fast with my mom, even faster than some people ran them, but I have never run a marathon. It’s time.

I chose the Calgary one for a few reasons. It’s in June so my training won’t be completely in the winter months and I will be able to hopefully do most of my long runs and such outside. It’s convenient as I only have a three hour drive to the location of the marathon. It’s also notoriously awesome and this next race (2014) will mark it’s 50th anniversary which is pretty cool!

I am already nervous, but more excited than nervous. I have started to look for training schedules and I am mapping out the date I will start training. I can’t wait actually!

Only 199 days until the race, which is on June 1st, 2014. The countdown is on! Anyone want to join me?!


  1. Hmmmm Run a marathon! I think I’ve done over 12 ultramarathons, marathons and half marathons, but have yet to run one. That scares the crap out of me.

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