Just me and the boys.

In the weight room that is. 

I am pretty sure there were about twenty dudes in the weight room… and me. When I see lots of boys lifting weights I get super intimidated and wonder if I should just stick to cardio but then I just jump in, grab some dumbbells or load up some bars and go for it. I LOVE strength training so why should I be intimidated by guys lifting 329057187514 lbs? 

It was snowing and cold today…

My clothes were not informed of this.

I did 20 minutes of elliptical because my legs were sore today from my unexpected ten miles yesterday. I then did 40 minutes of arms with the boys. It felt weird to only be at the gym for an hour… I have a problem. 

“Hi my name is Kris and I am a gym addict.”

I had one of my newest favourite songs on repeat during today’s workout. Chris Young’s Aw Naw = country + pumped up music. Awesome!

I don’t know why I get so scared to lift weights around muscle-head dudes. Once I get in there and start lifting and flexing and pressing I feel great and am not intimidated at all. Whether they are thinking “Ummm, 10 lb? LAME” or “Awesome, a girl here!” it really shouldn’t matter to me. I enjoy strength training and being able to see progress when you work really hard… soon enough I’ll be grabbing the same dumbbells as the boys!

My mom is making chicken quesadillas for dinner. Chicken = protein = big muscles. This is how my brother “helps” make dinner… it should probably be more accurately called “staring at the food until it is ready.”

Strength training definitely boosts my confidence, even when I am lifting the smallest dumbbells possible. Pushing my muscles and being able to improve and try heavier and heavier weights is really rewarding. I used to hate shoulder presses (then again, I used to hate running and look what happened) and I could barely do 3 reps with 5 lb. dumbbells and now I rock them out with 15 lb. or heavier. Strength training definitely helps my cardio endurance by building my muscle and I am a firm believer in adding weight lifting/strength training to any running program or cardio routine.