Music makes me work.

Music is necessary for my running and workouts. I love a good beat that gets me working hard and makes me run faster. I took my cardio and abs session indoors today even though it was warm and sunny. Sun + snow = slush… not so good. It ended up working out really well because my running bud from Sunday hopped on the treadmill next to me about halfway through my run so we chatted and it made the run FLY by. He ran a half marathon yesterday for fun and then was running 7:30 min/mile for like seven miles today… whaaaa? Craziness. I have a feeling we’d only be able to run together on his “easy” run days, ha!

8.0 miles at about an 8:06 min/mile pace. I then walked for 10 minutes at a 15.0% incline. Inclines on a treadmill are no joke. I mean it said “15%” but it felt like 47%. After the hill walk I did 20 minutes of abs, which is probably more than I have done in the past two weeks combined. It felt good. And necessary. 

Clearly 75 minutes of cardio wasn’t enough so I did 10 minutes of elliptical on higher levels so it felt like I was running through sand. ADHD really kicked in so I had to switch up the levels as I went to keep from getting bored.

0-2:00 Level 15
2:00-2:30 Level 10
2:30-4:30 Level 16
4:30-5:00 Level 11
5:00-7:00 Level 17
7:00-7:30 Level 12
7:30-9:30 Level 18
9:30-10:00 Level 13

I then did 10 minutes on the Jacobs Ladder just to see if I could possibly sweat any more… turns out I could. I got home just in time for the kickoff of the 101st Grey Cup game. 

I had one song on repeat during my workout today… literally. I recently discovered this song and it seriously makes me work HARD. It is perfect for pushing yourself to do one more mile or one more minute or a few more seconds. “Work B*tch” by Britney Spears. 

Another great song that makes me run fast is “All I Ever Wanted” by Basshunter. It has a really good beat that pushes me to go faster and farther. 

My absolute favourite song for lifting weights is “Act A Fool (Remix)” by Lil Jon ft. 36 Mafia. I have had this song on my iPod for years and I still listen to it EVERY workout. That’s saying something!

Music can make or break my workout sometimes. If I am tired, I throw on a playlist that has a good beat and gives me energy. If I want to run faster, I put on a song with a fast beat that has a higher bpm than I would normally run. Some people feel that music distracts from their workout as they cannot listen to their body and workout based on how they feel but for me music is a must and I love finding new songs that make me work hard!

After my awesome workout at the gym and getting to chat with my treadmill friend about hummus addictions and the greatness that is Jay Onrait, I came home hungry and ready to demolish a giant bag of broccoli and some hummus.

1.36 kg? Done. Just kidding… maybe.

Hedley is performing the half time show at the Grey Cup in Regina, SK. Hedley definitely has a significant place in some of my workout playlists (Hands Up is great for hill climbs on the spin bike). I am always looking for suggestions for songs to workout to. They really determine the pace and effort of my workout sometimes!

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