My legs hurrrrrt.

I don’t think I have done leg day at the gym in a very very very long time. Judging by how stiff my legs are already, I should probably put leg day back into my routine. Ouch.

I started out with a 5.0 mile interval run. 

800 m warm-up @ 10:00 min/mile
800 m fast @ 7:30 min/mile
400 m recovery (10:00 min/mile)
Repeat for a total of 6 intervals. 

15 minutes of intervals on the stairmaster. I love that interval training can be incorporated into so many different exercises and workouts. It helps with boredom especially on the treadmill or other indoor cardio equipment. I sometimes feel like I have worked harder during an interval run of 5.0 miles than a 10.0 mile run at a steady pace! 

Then it was game time.

I did lunges, squats, wide squats, calf raises, more lunges but off of the bench this time, weighted wall squats, leg press, more calf raises, jumping squats, more lunges… in other words… I tried to work every muscle in my leg… multiple times. 

It worked. I hurt.

It was a really great workout but I just may have to put my spin bike in gear 1 tomorrow for the entire class. 

If you look outside you’d think it was a sunny summer day and super hot out… but then you see the snow and realize that today’s high is -10. HIGH of -10. Oh well, from inside it looks nice and warm out.

I will just have to pretend it is summer and eat a delicious bowl of bright and colourful summer fruits. 

When the weather turns colder, my tea becomes… iced? The past couple days I have been drinking iced tea. Then I get cold and drink hot tea… then I get hot and drink iced tea… and repeat. Rough life. Good thing I love tea.

If anyone needs anything from upstairs… or downstairs… or somewhere that I would have to leave this chair… please ask someone else as my legs are currently out of commission. I love leg day.