Outsmarted by my Garmin.

Exactly four weeks after my last outdoor run I hit the streets again. It was cold but not windy and the sun was shining so bright that it made me forget how cold it was! After a solid NINE AND A HALF hours of sleep I put on a few layers of spandex and hit the pavement. For the most part the streets and sidewalks were clear, only a few icy patches and I made sure to go uber slow around the corners.

I did most of my run in the city on the sidewalks in residential areas and then the last couple miles in the country. It was probably five degrees colder in the country so I ran my fastest miles at the end just because I wanted to get home faster. The sun was amazing this morning. I love Alberta.

Even while I was concentrating on not freezing my hands off I had to stop and take in how unreal the scenery was on the back roads. I had absolutely NO excuse not to run outside this morning and I’m so glad I did. 

When I started my run the distance hit 1.0 at a point where I knew I had probably only gone half a mile. I figured the cold was tripping my Garmin out so I thought I would just ignore the first mile time (5:31 HA like I could run that fast) and just base my splits on the rest of the run… then 2.0 hit and it was just over ten minutes. Garmin or it didn’t happen – but what if it keeps saying I am running really fast and covering more ground than I actually am? Then it hit me… the last time I ran outside and used my Garmin was November 1 when I did the Virtual 5K Race and I set my watch the KM and not miles. My Garmin outsmarted me. 

I ran 16.10 km, which is 10.0 miles. I had no idea what sort of pace I was running because converting min/km to min/mile is just too complicated to do while running. I had a feeling it wasn’t crazy fast and I wasn’t too concerned, I was just happy to be running outside in the sunshine! I ended up running an average pace of 8:27 min/mile. My splits… I have no idea. 

When I got home I went downstairs to do a bit of ab work. It ended up being about 31 crunches and then lying on the floor for five minutes watching football highlights.

Good enough.

I was ready for some serious breakfast after my run so egg whites with GREEN ONIONS, turkey, and a big bowl of fruit it was! 

I guess I should do more running outside based on how awesome today’s run was. Remind me that I said this next time I opt for a half marathon on the treadmill and not the streets. It was -8 degrees Celsius according to my Garmin and the wind was 2mph, just the way I like it!