Running with someone else > Running alone.

I planned on doing leg day today. I made a new spin playlist last night and was really excited to try it but I ran a little bit more instead. First I did 7.0 miles on the treadmill, 2.0 mile warm up (8:57 min/mile), 3.0 miles of hill repeats, 2.0 mile cool down (8:34 min/mile). Running on an incline is hard. Just sayin’. 

I found a really cool treadmill pace conversion chart on Hungry Runner Girl‘s blog… also known as one of my favourite blogs EVER. It is pretty neat if you have to run a lot on the treadmill like I do in the winter. I generally set my treadmill to 1.0% incline no matter what. If I am feeling brave (and/or want to impress a hot guy) I set it to 2.0%. Obviously the lack of wind resistance and the moving belt play a huge role in running on a treadmill compared to running outside so the chart below shows equivalent paces by incline.

For the 3.0 miles of hill repeats I started at 1.0%, increasing every 0.1 miles until I hit 5.0%, then decreasing back to 1.0%, and repeat for three miles. I ran at my warm up  pace of 8:57 min/mile so by the time I reached the “top” of the hill I was running at a 7:35 min/mile effort. Neat.

I did leg work after the treadmill which included jumping squats (my frenemy) and a lap around the track with 12.5 lb dumbbells doing lunges. At that point my legs were jello but a guy who I talk to a ton about running and who ran faster than me at the St. Albert Fall Challenge Half Marathon showed up at the track so I ran with him for a while. We ran and chatted for about 25 minutes so I am assuming it was about 3.0 miles, bringing my total to ten miles. I didn’t get to try out my spin playlist but getting the chance to run with someone else was SO WORTH IT. I’ve been wanting to run with this guy for a while because I need someone to push me to run faster and harder just by being a faster runner. It was super nice to have a running buddy for at least a bit of my running today! I tried to pretend we were going at a super easy pace but I think my rosy cheeks gave away how hot and sweaty I was.

I was cold entering the gym in my short shorts, but ridiculously hot leaving the gym. Yes, I get strange looks when I am outside in these in -17.

The house smelled amazing when I got home and a delicious pot of taco soup awaited my arrival. There is just something about hot soup on a cold day – warms my body and my soul!

I finished Bart Yasso’s book today. He is CRAZY. He ran a half marathon naked. He ran the Badwater146, as in 146 miles. He has Lyme Disease but hasn’t let that stop him all of these years and continues to run and inspire others to run. You may recognize the name “Yasso” from the running workout “Yasso 800s,” and rightly so because he is the dude that invented them. If you have ever done this workout you might hate him a little now.

I finished another running book so I guess that means I should sign up for another race. Done.

I did the Hypothermic Half Marathon in Calgary last year. It was a great race and had an amazing brunch afterwards. Yes, I am always in it for the food. You can find all of my upcoming races and past races on my Races page!

I was nominated for a Canadian blog award. 

Cool! Um, do they know I just talk about peanut butter, my irrational love of the treadmill, and my lack of proper stretching and foam rolling? Nevertheless, this Running Canadian Girl is honoured. Yep, that’s honoured with a “u” because we’re Canadian, eh!


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