The 0.1 matters.

0.1 is the difference between running 13 miles and running a half marathon. I didn’t just run thirteen miles today, I ran a half marathon! On a treadmill to boot! I have secretly wanted to run one on the treadmill for a while now. First of all, it is cold out and I am a sissy. Second, I love the treadmill and what better way to spend almost two hours of your life. 

I have done a couple accidental on purpose half marathons this fall but this was my first on a treadmill, also the furthest I have ever run on a treadmill. My previous record was eleven miles. Yes, I am a little bit crazy. I wore my Brooks PureCadence2s and they rocked, officially in the rotation now!

I attempted to bring my parent’s iPad on the treadmill for my long run to watch good shows or a movie or something… did NOT work out so well. It was very slow and kept sliding down and changing my pace and incline. I was forced to watch What Not to Wear instead. Apparently spandex leggings and an over-sized T-shirt are not in style right now according to Stacy London and Clinton Kelly? News to me.

I didn’t really push myself for speed today and let my legs tell me how fast they wanted to go. I like to at least start with some progressive miles because it helps me get warmed up and not just settle into a slower pace than I am able to go. Also, I like negative splits. 

Mile 1 @ 8:48
Mile 2 @ 8:20
Mile 3 @ 8:14
Mile 4 @ 8:09
Mile 5 @ 8:01
Mile 6 @ 7:53
Mile 7 @ 7:49
Mile 8 @ 7:41
Mile 9 @ 7:49
Mile 10 @ 7:54
Mile 11 @ 7:59
Mile 12 @ 8:01
Mile 13 @ 7:37
last 0.1 @ 7:00 min/mile pace.

Overall: 13.1 miles @ 8:01 min/mile pace (1.0% incline).

It was a great run and I didn’t have any pain, any chaffing, or any flax-induced sprints to the bathroom, and it somehow went by really fast. I’m sure a few of the staff members and fellow gym-goers thought I was insane because I just kept going and going but it was a fabulous run! I was a little salty and sweaty after.

That shirt says “CRAZY FAST” but I think the cropping of the “fast” part is appropriate. I love the sense of accomplishment after a long run, or any run for that matter. I walked out of that gym (in my shorts of course) super happy with my run and feeling like I could take on the world. I love endorphins!

I worked four hours and ran a half marathon… all before noon. I think that can be added to the list of reasons I am a morning person. Time to rehydrate and refuel like a champ – with coffee and peanut butter of course.


  1. Rock star status! Those splits are amazing! I have a feeling that I’ll be doing this a few times over the winter now that it’s starting to get really cold out.

    I love the feeling of getting a nice long run knocked out early in the day. It really makes the rest of the day awesome!

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