THE Perfect Start.

I have found the formula for the perfect start to the day. I have spent 20 years, 7 months, and 8 days researching this formula so you better bet it’s legit. 

1. Spin class. Or a run. But I had spin class this morning so that was my form of endorphins to begin my day. The instructor told us we were having a “half-way challenge day.” We are just over half way through this fall session of spin classes and he decided he was going to challenge us. Just when my legs were starting to feel better from leg day on Monday we get a killer spin class. 

Twenty minutes in and we were all sweating, red, puffing, and gasping for air… then our instructor told us we were going to start the “challenge drills.” START the challenge drills. Ummmm, great. It was definitely one of the hardest classes I have ever done but I left feeling so accomplished and awesome! I also discovered some extremely difficult, intense, yet fun drills to incorporate into spin classes when I become an instructor! 

2. Coffee. More specifically, Starbucks Christmas Espresso Roast. 

Don’t worry, I also had tons of water after that spin class! Coffee followed the water. Both tasted SO good after that sweat session!

3. Peanut butter. Obviously. 

Especially when that natural peanut butter is added to a bowl of oatmeal with banana slices and almond milk. 

4. Despite the edge of my anatomy textbook creeping into the top left corner of the picture above, I don’t exactly start my day by studying or doing something really intellectual while eating breakfast. I read my favourite blogs. It is at this point in your morning routine that you would hit Canadian Girl Runs on your “Bookmarked Pages” or “Favourites.” 

5. Relax, and do something that makes you smile. For my parents this activity would be something like looking at pictures of me or simply thinking about me. 

For me, this morning it was reading one of the books I got from the library yesterday. I can’t put it down!

I could say that the perfect morning starts a little later than 5:05 am, but I would be lying. I love waking up early, exercising, and feeling accomplished before the sun even rises! When I get up early I get so much more accomplished in the day! There you have it, the formula for the perfect start to your day. I think the blue Alberta sky and sunshine made it even better. 

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