Virtual 5K Race.

A few of my family members and friends belong to a “secret” group on Facebook that we call the “Challenge Group.” Every month we challenge ourselves and each other to a fitness goal. Last month we deemed it “Rock-tober” and I had my goal of running 150 miles, which I ROCKED. This month we decided to start November off with a bang and do a virtual 5K run. 

We all live in different parts of the country so running together – although ideal – isn’t really practical. We picked routes around our respective towns and ran 5K and then posted about it! I treated it like an actual race and set out my running outfit the night before. I am also not extremely with-it at 5:00 am so it’s best I get organized the night before.

I made my dad take a picture of me before my run. He called me a loser. Nice. The forecast said it was suppose to be -1 (windchill of -7) so I dressed for it. It was +1. With not a whole lot of wind. The gloves and headband were ripped off mid-run.

I did a really really small warm-up down my street and then took off. I knew I was only running 5K (3.11 miles) so I just gave ‘er. I ran it in 22:13!! 4:26 min/km or 7:09 min/mile.

I took 5 seconds off of my 5K PR! Pretty awesome way to start my morning! I had kilometre splits of 4:21, 4:26, 4:31, 4:30, and 4:25. 

Yes, we did award ourselves with medals. I really treated it like a race! Awarding yourself with a medal is as cool as it sounds. My dad thought I was a loser before my race.

It was a great run and I went to the gym after work and tacked on 3.0 more miles but much slower! I then did 180741675 hours of arm strength training… well, more like just over an hour. My arms were jello when I left!

Huge congratulations to all of the members of the group that raced today! It was really fun to see everyone’s results and pictures!!

Though I guess it doesn’t count as an official PR, it is in my mind! Never did I think I could run 7:09 min/miles, even if it was only for 5K! This group is awesome – these girls inspire me every day and it’s so fun to chat with them about goals, fitness, motivation, food, and every other random thing in life!


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