What else would I read?

My legs were still a little sore this morning so I took it easy on the elliptical for 20 minutes and then did 40 minutes of arms. I love being able to up the weight that I am using for certain movements. It makes me feel strong going from 1.5 lb dumbbells to 2.0 lb dumbbells… just kidding… maybe.

I got to go to the gym before work which made me very happy. In fact, I was the fourth person in the door. Morning exercise is THE BEST way to start the day! It was a gorgeous sunny and blue sky day so after work I convinced my mom to bundle up and go for a walk with me!

We walked along the riverside path which made for some spectacular views! The sun was setting and it was before 5pm… welcome to winter?! That bridge will now always remind me of when I did the St. Albert Fall Challenge Half Marathon. I ran across it and my brother was waiting on the other side to take a picture of me and cheer me on make fun of my running!

It was much warmer when we did the half marathon. I’ll just have to wear my Runsies under my tights and jackets now.

I just love every season on this path. From leaves to snow cover to blossoms to green trees… amazing.

I wasn’t too cold on our walk, but only because I stole my mom’s favourite Lululemon mittens that are CRAZY WARM! Why oh why did they stop making them?

After our walk we went to the library to pick up some reading material. I chose a few non-fiction running stories and my mom laughed at me… What else would I read?

I’ll let you know if any of these books are worth reading. If they are as inspiring as their pictures and back of the book descriptions, I will probably be posting about the numerous races I signed up for after reading them.