Who needs a gym?

Ok, I do love the gym; however it doesn’t open until 5:30 am and I was up and ready to work out at 4:45 am. I wanted to do a bit of a leg workout before work so I got my sweat on at home. 45 minutes of nonstop cardio/strength exercises in my basement… it rocked! Benefit of working out at home? Wearing old cotton short shorts because it doesn’t matter what you look like.

One of my latest favourite leg moves (read: I hate them but only because they rock my socks off) is the jumping squat. It gets my heart pumping with a cardio aspect and my legs and butt burning with a strength aspect. Jumping squats are the reason I couldn’t walk for three days after legs day last week.

No-Gym Leg Workout

30 second jumping jacks.
30 seconds jump rope.
30 seconds squat and air punches.
30 seconds mountain climbers.
1 minute jumping jacks.

Each A move is performed for 20 seconds, followed by a 10 second break, then 20 seconds of the B move, then a 10 second break. This cycle is repeated four times (for a total of five) which should be 5 minutes. Kind of like a tabata workout!

1. A) Alternating jumping lunge.
    B) Calf raise with dumbbells.
2. A) Skier jumps side to side.
    B) Wide squats with dumbbells.
3. A) Jumping squats.
    B) Alternating lunges with dumbbells.
4. A) Jumping jacks.
    B) Squat and hold (for the 20 seconds).
5. A) Box jumps. (In this case, couch jumps).
    B) Alternating lunges off of a step (or couch).
6. A) Side lunge with butt kick. Add a side punch if you want!
    B) Basic squats with dumbbells.
7. A) Mountain climbers.
    B) Calf raises on a step (or your staircase).
8. Wall sit for as long as you can. If you can’t make it to 5 minutes, do 25 jumping jacks, then wall sit again, and repeat until you hit 5 minutes.

I used a timer on my computer to keep track of the time, so I knew when to switch moves. It was actually really fun, really hard, and I was definitely sweating!

It felt weird going to work today after three days off. I didn’t wear make-up at all when I was off, but I decided today I probably should put some on for work. Last time I went to work with no make-up a coworker asked if I was sick. A second coworker said I looked tired. Cool.

After work I got my run time in and did 7.0 miles on the treadmill at the gym. I took it easy as I am still easing into my new Brooks PureCadence2 shoes. They are so light compared to my other ones I truly love running in them! My pace was about 8:21 min/mile and the run went by way too fast… thank you Ellen Degeneres show!

I came home from my run and demolished a vegetable stir-fry that had every single colour of the rainbow in it. I think I’m covered for vitamins and minerals today. Yum!

I haven’t actually done too many workouts at home as I LOVE my gym but this morning was fun. I put on some music, turned on the TSN highlights, and went for it – pretty much just trying to make my legs burn and my body sweat! I made up the workout as I went and then quickly wrote it down after because it was such a good one! It would be perfect for travelling as it doesn’t require much equipment and could be adapted to use no dumbbells at all! I just conveniently had 10 lb. dumbbells in my basement to use!