A Merry Arrival Home.

Yesterday was the last day in November! It was definitely treat day. I worked super hard in November, not necessarily in mileage but strength training, cross training, and running. I was really busy at my course all day but after dinner decided to walk sprint over to the mall and buy a treat for myself. Purdy’s. Nothing better.

I got a dark chocolate bar and a couple of dark chocolate-covered cashews. Don’t worry, I put actual pants on to venture out to get the Purdy’s, not just my snowflake pajama pants; however my pajama pants were put on about 5.1 seconds after I got in the door.

For the month of December I decided to do a wall-sit, or wall squat, every day and see how much I can increase my time by the end of the month. In Kathrine Switzer’s book she talked about how beneficial wall sits are for runners because they strengthen the muscles around your knee joint, preventing knee injuries. I LOVE wall sits. Whenever I do legs at the gym I incorporate wall sits into my workout, usually adding a plate to my legs to make it more challenging. No plates for this December wall-sit test and I did 3:14:44 for Day 1. I can’t wait to see the time I am able to reach by December 31!

Before my wall sit I did a nice and easy 5.0 miles on the treadmill. I watched the first half of “The Lucky One” for the sole reason of seeing Zac Efron while I was running. After a short and sweet stay in Calgary, I hit the road to head home today. The weather changed about 387 times, but hey, that’s Canada for you. I left the city and when I looked back at downtown Calgary it was glowing. 

The first half of the drive was blue sky and sunny. I managed to stop twice for bathroom breaks along the way… and it’s not even a three hour drive. I guess that is one benefit of driving alone – no one complains when you get 19 km down the highway and have to stop already.

The snow and the sky were both white at one point so it was really bright and pretty! Sometimes Every time I drive through the flat prairies, they seem so beautiful.

The fog rolled in with about an hour left in my drive. It was like driving through a horror film. I was glad to have more episodes of the Jay and Dan Podcast to keep me company as the weather started to get worse.

Luckily it didn’t start snowing or anything while I was driving. My mom probably would have had a heart attack if it did. She gets extremely stressed out about driving in the winter/night/dark/rain/fog/wind/snow even when she’s not actually the one driving! I have a feeling she spent most of the weekend worrying about me having to drive through a potential blizzard that is arriving in Alberta tonight… oh and she did spend some time filling my advent calendar!

How adorable is that! My brother and I (yes, we are 17 and 20 years old and get advent calendars) get wicked awesome treats in our advent calendars every year. My mom is too cute and always goes above and beyond. It was wonderful to arrive home from Calgary to a house decorated for Christmas. It filled me with joy – ’tis the season!

I had a lovely trip to Calgary and will post all about my course tomorrow! Let’s just say, my butt is extremely sore… but I have a pretty awesome certificate in my suitcase right now!


  1. Yes.. a Mother will always stress about her children – especially driving in the fog at night. Luckily you beat the blizzard that’s coming. Congrats on your certificate! Always so proud of you and your accomplishments.

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