A Two-Shirt Workout.

I have about 54 workout shirts, but absolutely LOVE three of them because they are perfect for both running and weight lifting and spin and everything, so when all three are in the wash, I get sad… and end up wearing two shirts at the gym. I started in my wicking race shirt to run on the treadmill. 

I did 9.0 miles and to prevent myself from getting bored I switched up my pace every mile. 

Mile 1 @ 8:27
Mile 2 @ 8:00
Mile 3 @ 8:27
Mile 4 @ 7:54
Mile 5 @ 8:27
Mile 6 @ 7:48
Mile 7 @ 8:27
Mile 8 @ 7:42
Mile 9 @ 8:27

It was nice to bump up my pace for a bit and know that I only had to go a few minutes at that pace before I could settle back into a slower pace for another mile. It made the run go by pretty fast! I probably look like this, more or less, when I get to run bright and early in the morning!

I changed shirts for the weights portion of my workout because my race shirt is kind of short and when I do shoulder over head presses and lie down on the bench to do bench presses and chest flies and such I don’t want my shirt lifting up and people getting jealous of my abs. I’m always thinking about others.

I did arms today and there was hardly anyone in the weights area so I got to do lots of circuits and super sets and use multiple machines and free weights at the same time. Don’t get me wrong, I also do this when there are lots of people there, I just feel slightly guilty about it 😉 Plenty of biceps, triceps (my favourite right now), shoulders, chest, and every muscle in between. 

When I was almost done my workout, guess who showed up at the gym… my parents. I tracked down my dad and did some rowing with him (read; I sat on the rower and talked while he powered out like 38791095m in like two minutes).

I have to say that the rower is one of my least favourite pieces of cardio equipment. It is just so boring to me and I am pretty sure I have awful form while I row so I should probably learn the proper way to row before I attempt any significant time on this equipment.

It was a solid workout and I love that the gym is so quiet on a Sunday morning. I suppose other sane people are “sleeping in”… whatever that is. 


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