All I want for Christmas.

Last night my dad and brother went to the Edmonton Oilers versus Winnipeg Jets game, and my Aunt, who is here for Christmas, was not feeling too great and trying desperately to get better before Christmas, so it was just my mom and I. We decided to enjoy the GORGEOUS winter weather… IT WAS ABOVE ZERO… and went for a walk to look at the Christmas lights.

 It was so nice to get some fresh air, enjoy the beautiful snow and lights, and see tons of other people doing the exact same thing! There is a street about a mile away from our house that goes all out with their lights and they even have lit arches around the cul-de-sac. So neat and full of spirit!

Such good quality photos. Ha. 

This morning my mom accompanied me to the gym and was even ready to go BEFORE me at 6:40 am this morning! It was great to spend some more time with her! I ran on the treadmill while she hit up the elliptical and exercise bike, as she is still recovering from an injury to her heel and is working her way back into running. I bought myself an early Christmas present yesterday – some Nike Tempo shorts! On sale. In purple. How could I not buy them?


They were FABULOUS. No chaffing, which is a major concern when you run hundreds of miles on a treadmill during the winter. I ran 7.0 miles, including some quality AND quantity in my run. I started with an 8:40 warm up mile, then ran 6.0 miles at an 8:00 min/mile pace. During the last two miles I threw in a few one-minute intervals of 7:00 min/mile running. 

After our wall-sit, my mom and I did abs… mostly because we both agreed that abs after cardio means we get to lie down. Great minds think alike! My mom is a plank queen… seriously… look at that form.

I did some Jillian ab moves in a circuit and then we hit the steppers for 10 minutes to blast up our heart rates again. It was a great workout and my run felt FABULOUS. Some days (read: yesterday) I can barely run sub-9 miles, and then other days, I can blast off sub-8 miles like no man’s woman’s business. I think it was the new shorts today that made me feel like I was flying. 

A day of relaxation, rest, and Christmas traditions awaits. A mandatory stop at Starbucks was made and I thoroughly enjoyed my Americano with some dark chocolate biscotti this morning. 

I hope everyone has an amazing Christmas. I know I for one am so thankful for this time with my family and our health and happiness. And running. I am very thankful for running 😉

My brother and I bought onesies for this Christmas Eve night. Oh goodness.