Birthday Success.

It was pretty windy last night – enough to wake even ME up. Even though I booked the day off of work to spend it with my mom, I hit up the gym at 5:30 am. I wasn’t too upset about that because getting my sweat on in the early morning is pretty awesome and definitely the best way to start my day. The only upsetting part? Well… it turns out my iPod Nano isn’t quite indestructible… it didn’t handle the washing machine too well. I attempted putting it in rice overnight with no avail. RIP iPod. 

At the gym I ran 8.0 miles (that makes 33 in four days, I think tomorrow my legs might fall off) and then did 20 minutes of abs. I hardly ever focus on my abs so it was nice to get some good core work in. After I returned home from the gym my parents were just heading out for their workout so I ate some breakfast and then headed out for workout number two! I WENT SWIMMING!

It has been ages since I did any lane swimming and I really miss it… the goggle marks? Not so much. I swam 1000m, did 5 minutes straight of egg beaters, then did 100m of water running. Running in the water is so hard! I was barely moving and it was taking so much effort! I will definitely be going to the pool more often, I love the whole-body workout I get with no impact on my joints! This is what happened to your key chain by the end of the morning after you drive two vehicles to two different places for two different workouts.

My dad, my brother, and I pulled off a pretty good birthday for my mom today. It took a bit of planning, a little (ok, a lot) of shopping, and quite a bit of thought… but we did it, and I think she had a pretty great day. She started her day with the birthday card I made her… actually more of a three page letter with 50 reasons why I love her. 

It was easy to come up with 50 reasons why I love her, because as you may recall, she is a pretty awesome woman. Due to the fact my mom turned 50 today, we decided to give her 50 gifts to open throughout the day.

I don’t know who had more fun… me running to grab presents all day or my mom who got to open presents all day? We came up with 50 of her favourite things and apparently we did really well because with each consecutive gift she said “OH MY GOODNESS THIS IS PERFECT!”

It was such a great day and we had lots of fun opening gifts, drinking Starbucks, and wandering around West Edmonton Mall. For dinner my dad, my brother, and I came up with a menu of all of her favourite meals which included chicken and avocado quesadillas, strawberry baked brie, lettuce wraps, and prawns. The final gift, number 50, was a Dairy Queen ice cream cake, double chocolate just the way she likes it.

I think we were laughing too hard to take a non-blurry, functional photo. 

My dad and I came up with the list of 50 of her favourite things and I have to say my dad knows his beloved wife well. They are always so in sync with each other it is pretty crazy… and adorable.

I hope my mom had as much fun on her birthday as I did. I don’t think she remembers what she opened for presents at 7 am this morning so she is going to have to look over them again to remember what she got! 

This has got to be the best wine out there… or at least the best named wine 😉

Happy 50th Birthday Mom! Love you.