Building my quads.

I am loving my wall sits. I think one of the major reasons that my legs felt so strong on the spin bike yesterday during my little triathlon workout was the strength I have built up in my quads by doing these wall sits. 

I like doing them in front of a mirror every once and a while to make sure I have a nice 90 degree angle. Sometimes I think ‘Wow, this is easy!’ and then realize that I am not in correct form and sink down to the right “chair” form and think ‘Ok, this is more like it – ouch!’

Each day in December I have managed to beat my time from the day before. My quads are apparently strong and resilient! Some days feel harder than others but for the most part I can feel my legs getting more used to being on the wall for longer and longer each day. Almost at 8 minutes – and only a couple more days left in December to see how much I can increase my time in a month!

I did today’s wall sit after my run at the gym. No more rain around this joint… it’s a frigid tundra outside once again! Icy icy icy. The gym was nice and warm and dry… and I had a running buddy meet me there so my run was amazing!

As I was walking into the gym I heard a little girl ask her dad, “Why is that girl wearing shorts?” I couldn’t hear what his answer was but I imagine it was something like, “Because she is a crazy person, honey.” I guess it’s to be expected when there is a -28 windchill and you have Nike Tempo running shorts on.

I ran 10.0 miles today, the first six with my running friend, and the last four with a Criminal Minds episode. The first six FLEW by as we chatted and such, and the last four felt like they took forever! I guess that shows what running with other people can do! The solution to running “with” someone who normally runs a different pace than you is to run side by side on treadmills so you can talk, but can run at your own individual pace. My 10.0 miles were at about 8:22 min/mile… my running buddy was much much faster! I wore my Crazy Fast shirt just to pretend I was as fast as him.

Hopefully all of my quad strength will power me through some interval training and hill runs when I start my marathon training in the coming months! I think I will keep doing regular wall sits well into the new year!