Gingerbread Cookie Celebration.


I finished my last exam this morning and could not be happier. My parents said they were excited for me to finish exams as well so that I would stop stressing and be able to enjoy the Christmas season. They regretted saying that when I came home bouncing around and talking nonstop… the quiet studying Kris was better for everyone. 

I celebrated being done first term with a big bowl of vegetables and hummus.

Just kidding. Kind of… I do love my broccoli.

I definitely grabbed a coffee on my way home from my last exam and indulged in some delicious dark chocolate, blueberry, and almond biscotti that my mom made. It is seriously my favourite treat ever (especially the dark chocolate part) and I can’t resist this treat at Christmas! It is so good dipped in coffee. Ignore my nails… they haven’t really been a priority lately.

I felt so free leaving my exam and couldn’t wait to get home and start some Christmas celebrations. I hit up the gym super early before the exam to get my blood pumping, the endorphins flowing, and some oxygen moving to my brain. 6.0 miles at about an 8:04 min/mile pace. It was a good run. Afternoon Christmas celebrations began with gingerbread cookie decorating! We do this every year and it is so much fun!

Stuart, his friend Eric, who my parents flew out from BC to surprise him on his birthday, and my mom and I spent some wonderful time decorating gingerbread cookies. 

The Bulk Barn is perfect for getting candy and decorations. 

Sometimes I question whether my mom actually wants us to decorate cookies or she wants to decorate them herself and eat some candy and icing 😉 It’s all part of the tradition. I have obviously perfected cookie decorating over the year. 

He’s wearing a sweater vest, ok?

The boys got really, uh, “creative” with their snowmen.

We listened to some classic N’Sync Christmas music while we decorated. Those 1998 tunes don’t get old. 

I am so happy to have a few weeks off of school. Some time to relax run, sleep-in spin, and watch Christmas movies running documentaries. The snow hasn’t stopped coming down for a few days so I don’t think we have to question whether it will be a white Christmas or not… I can’t wait!

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  1. I love Bulk Barn – I get all my decorating goodies there too!
    That biscotti looks & sounds amazing – think your Mom would be willing to share the recipe? 😉

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