Goals I Didn’t Know I Had.

Oh my goodness, I want to thank each and every person who viewed, commented, “liked,” and messaged me about my post yesterday. It felt good to write it and it felt even better to receive such positive feedback. 

I eat egg whites like it is my day job… even at my day job. Have you tried salsa on your egg whites yet? It’s legit.

Today was my last day running in 2013. Tomorrow is a rest day. Yes, you read that right. I am actually taking a rest day tomorrow. I joked (kind of) that it was my annual rest day. The past few times I told myself I was taking a rest day I went for a five mile walk with my mom. I’m not good at rest days. I much prefer to be running around (literally) and go-go-go nonstop. Someone please lock my running shoes away tomorrow. I think the last time I actually did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and took a full rest day was July 29. Oops.

I took it easy on the treadmill and did 4.0 miles today. Having a running friend on the treadmill beside you means it felt like I ran about 0.4 miles. How does time go that much faster when you are talking to someone else

With those last four miles, I have run a total of 1506.5 miles in 2013. That is the equivalent distance of 115 half marathons, or 57.5 marathons… like over a marathon a week. I didn’t start the year with this goal, and I never even considered having a mileage goal, but as I totalled up my mileage a few weeks ago I decided to try for 1500. Goal accomplished!

Specific to this month, I had a wall-sit, quad-burning, crazy-squat goal to do a wall sit every day and try to make each day longer than the last. I spent quite a lot of time like this. In the last week I have been smart and brought my phone along to do the wall sit because I could check Twitter and Facebook to make time go by faster while my quads were burning. 

My wall sit December 1st was 3:14.44.

Today, my last wall sit of the month, was just a little bit longer.

I’m not just waving, my wall sit today was over TEN minutes. One of the hot gym trainers was chatting with me for part of it so obviously I wasn’t even paying attention to the massive quad burn going on in my legs at that point. The last three minutes was hard but I just kept saying “10 more seconds… 10 more seconds” and pushed until I reached ten minutes. 10:08.42 actually.

I liked not having a specific time to reach by the end of the month with this challenge. It was more about being better than I was the day before. Progress, not perfection, right? Speaking of perfection… Lindt 85% Dark Chocolate anyone?

It was kind of cool to hit over 1500 miles this year. To some people that is hardly anything, and to others that might seem crazy, but for me it is a pretty awesome number. For a girl who didn’t even consider themselves a runner two years ago and quite frankly hated running, it’s pretty incredible how far I ran this year! 

Better hide my shoes and steal my gym pass (but only for the day please ;)… it is a rest day tomorrow!


  1. Love the idea of a wall sit challenge! I incorporated a few wall sits into my circuit workout yesterday and realized that my legs are not as strong as they used to be. Think I need to try this!

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