Happy Birthday, Beautiful.

There is another birthday in the family to celebrate, because this gorgeous woman turns 30 today. Well, give or take a decade or two 😉 Though my mom doesn’t like anyone making a big deal over her birthday, she is truly one of the most inspiring and amazing people in the world, and she deserves every ounce of attention she receives. 

My mom is incredible. She does everything for everyone else and never asks for anything in return. She is the glue to our family and we love her and appreciate her way more than she will ever know. She is funny, so sweet, loyal, honest, and puts up with me… which is a pretty impressive characteristic in itself.

She claims she doesn’t photograph well. I disagree.

My mom, Suzanne, has always been there for me. Like my brother, she is one of my best friends, and is someone who can read my mind and my emotions, and knows exactly what I am thinking. I suppose it’s something all moms are pretty good at, but my mom can read me like a book… and it’s been that way my entire life.

It was my mom who got me into this whole fitness thing. In 2007 I walked my first marathon with her and my cousin and we spent the summer training and bonding, and it’s an experience I will never forget. A training partner is someone you can spend hours with, tell everything to, and still love to be around at the end of a six hour walk. This woman is the best training partner around.

Even when she sprints to beat you across the finish line.

For a 50 30 year old, she is crazy tough. She has gone walking or running almost every day of her life, has done countless marathons, ultra marathons, and half marathons, as well as cycles, strength trains, and does yoga. Yes, I am in fact revealing the true identity of wonder woman.

I am wishing her the very best on her birthday and could not imagine life without this woman. She is my rock, my inspiration, and one of my best friends. Happy Birthday Mom, I love you!

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