Happy Birthday, Superhero.

You’ve seen him in various blog posts, and he is sometimes the man behind the camera for pictures of me when I have just come home from the gym super sweaty. Today is my brother, Stuart’s, 18th birthday. 

He is the most amazing brother and I seriously could write a million blog posts about how wonderful he is. I mean when he first entered this world, I was almost three years old, and slightly skeptical of the new addition… so I kept him in a bucket just to be safe.

He turned out to be alright though, and we became pretty awesome siblings, and friends. He has ALWAYS been there for me, offering words of advice, a sarcastic comment, or just an ear to listen. You wonder who gets to hear me ramble on and on about the random things in my life outside of the blog world? It would be this guy… and he has never complained (though if he were to write a blog it may be about how much he hates listening to his sister ramble ;). 

Stuart can never say no to anyone, even when they ask him to go on a 52 km bike ride in the rain and wind. I love spending time with him and working out with him is my favourite. He is an awesome cyclist so I like biking with him because he challenges me and pushes me to work harder!

We have moved around the country to about 89175 different towns and cities, so when we first arrive in a new place, Stuart is pretty much my only friend… but he’s a pretty wonderful friend to be stuck with. I think moving around every few years has made us closer as siblings and I wouldn’t trade our relationship for anything.

I am so proud of him and everything he has accomplished. He is wicked smart, super funny, way too nice, and overall a pretty awesome guy. It’s hard to feel like the older sister now when he is at least five inches taller than me (and I am almost 6’0″ tall)!

Happy Birthday Stuart, may all of your birthday wishes come true, you are forever my superhero.


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