How could I forget the Runsie?

You know you are a completely awkward awesome runner when you have more than two onesies for running. That’s right, I got a THIRD Runsie for Christmas! I don’t know how I forgot this important piece of information in yesterday’s Christmas recap post. 

I got my first Lululemon Runsie in August in black, and then loved it so much I bought another one in September in red. Santa gave me the light blue Runsie for Christmas! My mom hoped that I wouldn’t want the blue colour so that she could wear it… I said only if we go on a run in them together as twinsies… suddenly she didn’t want it anymore? 

My grandma also gave me a Lululemon sweat towel for Christmas. I guess she heard I sweat a lot. AND I got a shirt from my Aunt that changes sayings when you sweat. Hmmm… I sense a common theme in these gifts and I don’t know whether to be happy that people know me so well or insulted that that is what people think of me? I think I am too happy with these amazing and appropriate gifts to be insulted!

My dad is crazy and courageously braved the crowds to find some Boxing Day deals today. He found a swim cap for me to complete my incredibly flattering swimming look.

My hair is super long and it is really difficult to keep it in a bun in the pool. It usually falls out of the bun, gets tangled, and attempts to drown me. Death by pony tail. Not the way I want to go.

I love love love turkey and plan on taking advantage of the 16 lbs or so of turkey left in my fridge. I put together a turkey salad for dinner and it was delicious! I threw some dried cranberries on it to make it more like an authentic turkey dinner 😉 I think this meal was about three days worth of servings of vegetables!

I had absolutely no energy after work today but decided I would go to the gym, do a couple easy miles and see where the workout takes me. I know that once I get in there and get my heart rate up I usually am able to dig a little deeper and find some energy to burn! I did 4.0 miles on the treadmill at about 8:30 min/mile and then 20 minutes of the stairmaster because there was a Big Bang Theory marathon on and I wanted to keep watching! After a super duper long wall-sit I did 30 minutes of legs! 

I can’t wait to test out all of my new swim gear – I’ll be hittin’ the pool tomorrow!