I needed rest.

I woke up this morning at practically noon. Ok, it was 7:10 am, but it felt like noon! When I was reading before bed last night (another great book, which I’m sure once I am done will be mentioned in a future post) I could not keep my eyes open and glanced over at the clock… it was 9:34 pm. So sad. 

I was mentally drained from my semester of school and then planning my mom’s birthday, and physically drained from running 33 miles in four days, plus swimming, weight training, and core work AFTER my runs. It all caught up with me and I crashed last night and slept for NINE. SOLID. HOURS. 

My legs were definitely not up to running a fifth straight day in a row, and I knew they needed a break so I decided to take it easy today at the gym, and hit the elliptical. As much as my mind was willing to run and I was mentally ready for another few miles, my body was NOT, and rather than push my body to it’s running limits and potentially cause injury, I got my sweat on via the elliptical… a more joint friendly option.

I think it is really important to try and sweat once a day. It gets your blood pumping and as much as it is draining you, it is also rejuvenating you. After about 20 minutes of sweating on the elliptical, I did 40 minutes of arm strength training. My mom came with me to the gym and was using the same amount of weight as me for her arm workout… apparently being 50 hasn’t slowed her down. She can also do more push-ups than me… I think my ego took more of a beating than my arms did today. That is the shortest amount of time I have spent in the gym in a while, but I was ready to leave after an hour, so that is exactly what I did.

It was LIGHT OUT when we left the gym. What a foreign concept to the girl who normally walks out of the gym after her workout hours before the sun rises. I felt like I had wasted half the day but then realized that giving my body the rest it needed is not “wasted time” AT ALL!

My alarm clock has had the time 5:10 am on it for far too long and a few mornings of hard/long workouts in a row wiped me out. I think a nine hour deep sleep was my body’s way of telling me that I really needed some solid rest, and it felt SO GOOD. It’s hard to remember how important rest is to a healthy life. I usually focus on eating a balanced healthy diet and exercising but sometimes I forget that resting my body is just as important as those other two aspects of life. My extremely good sleep and easier workout today was just what I needed to rejuvenate!