I wish I were a Tarahumara.

Who are the Tarahumara? I didn’t know the answer to that question a week ago, but now I feel like I could be a Tarahumara, except for the fact that unlike the Tarahumara, I cannot easily run hundreds of miles at a time with no injuries, no soreness, no fatigue, and no effort. I wish.

I recently read the book, “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall.

It was really good. I think I say that about every running book but I mean it – I couldn’t put it down! The Tarahumara are a tribe of people in the canyons of Mexico that are hidden from society and live their lives by running hundreds of miles every day… they were born to run. The author Christopher McDougall studied the Tarahumara and tracked them down and ran with and against them to understand how these humans were able to run with such little effort for so long and so far. He actually has a few videos on Youtube that I have watched and they are really good. 

McDougall attempts to understand why the majority of society struggles to run even a marathon, 26.2 miles, when our evolutionary history suggests that human beings were born to run.

Like spinning, the more I learn about running the less I feel I know. Throughout this book there are debates about running form, distance, clothing, diet, and the ever so controversial development of the running shoe. I have never second guessed how and why I run so much as when I read this book. It definitely got me thinking!

If you are looking for an inspiration story about running, and a new perspective on the human ability to run then this book is worth a read. It was nice to think about running not in terms of numbers, math, pace, speed, and mileage, but in terms of feeling, instinct, and natural ability. It was really a great book.

The Tarahumara were even mentioned in the 25 Signs You’re Crazy About Running. I think I can add to the list: 26. You read nothing but running books in your free time.

Christopher McDougall may not change your entire outlook on running but he will add a crazy new view about this natural ability that supposedly all humans possess. It’s pretty neat.


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