It felt good to be back.

I couldn’t move my butt today, which is a clear sign that the jumping lunges and jumping squats worked their magic yesterday. Instead of attempting to run (which would have looked pretty funny with my sore glutes), I packed up my swim suit and hit the pool after work! It was a good decision.

I used to swim ALL OF THE TIME when I was growing up. I started lessons when I was super young, flew through all twelve levels, then did my life saving courses, and life guarding certification. I loved the water, and still do, but usually I forget how much I love it. It felt really good to be back in the water and I was really happy with my decision to dive back into the sport (pun intended). 

I swam 2.0 km (2000m, or 80 lengths) in about 50 minutes. I am crazy slow compared to where I have been in the past but I do not care one bit… it felt heavenly. I did 5 minutes of egg beaters after the lap swimming to give my quads an extra workout! Every time I forget how awesome swimming is, I plan on watching this ridiculously inspirational video. 

After my swim, I discovered the amazing swim suit dryer in the change room. HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS BEFORE? You just put your suit in, hold down the lid, and it spins it dry! No more throwing your soaking wet suit in your gym bag and getting everything else wet and then having to put it in the dryer when you get home… genius solution. I feel like I am the last person to discover this amazing solution.

My brother, Stuart, finished his last exam today so he is officially on his Christmas break from school! The whole family was home this evening, and we were all pretty exhausted from a busy week. This is what the rest of my family was drinking with dinner…

Then there’s me… electrolyte water anyone? 😉

It’s a good thing I got some serious swimming in today, as tonight was pizza night in the Murray house. My pizza, once again, was about three inches thick with vegetables and looked huge compared to everyone else’s… and once again, I left nothing but crumbs on the pan 🙂

I love to swim and plan to do a lot more of it. It is a great cross training exercise for running because it is LOW impact and still gives my muscles and cardiovascular system a great workout. Another benefit of swimming? The super attractive goggle rings around my eyes for hours after I leave the pool!


  1. Awesome video. I’m totally with you- I forget how much my body loves the water and how much swimming is my heal-all, physically and mentally. I’ve been banished to the pool for the past two weeks because I’m battling injuries elsewhere and despite the fact that it’s 20 degrees outside, I’ve been loving it. Keep it up!

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