Legs for days.

As in, I won’t be able to move my legs for days. Why must I LOVE leg day so much? It burns, it hurts, it stresses my legs to the max but I love it so much and it makes me feel super awesome and strong! 

I hopped on the treadmill, not too sore from yesterday, and set my “distance” for 4.0 miles… then reached four miles and added two more. I ran 6.0 miles at an easy 8:25 min/mile pace. They were shake-out miles more than anything and once they were done I began my leg torture workout by walking a mile on the treadmill at a 10% incline. 

My daily wall sit ALMOST hit six minutes today! I spent about 40 minutes doing legs and managed to add another 10 pounds to my squat weight. I finished my workout with 8 minutes of biking, during which I played a game of Sudoku on the bike… because I am a nerd like that. I could only do 8 minutes on the bike because I wore my Runsie to the gym and it isn’t exactly built for a bicycle seat!

Promptly after my shower I put on my new favourite hoodie. I wasn’t lying when I said I would be wearing it every day for the entire Christmas season (and beyond). 

Two hours at the gym and I worked up quite an appetite. A big bowl of peanut butter and banana oatmeal certainly fixed that! I also had one too many cups of coffee. There is a -32 degree Celsius windchill outside so hot coffee is pretty much necessary to warm me up after coming home from the gym with frozen sweat. 

My quads got quite a good workout today, especially with some jumping lunges and jumping squats thrown in there. A few days ago my mom was biking on the exercise bike behind the treadmill I was running on and she complimented me on my calves. Best. compliment. ever. I was beaming. 

I found this awesome website called ilovetorun.org and it has a bunch of hilarious eBibs, like the all-too-funny eCards, but for runners. They are really funny and so true! Expect to see plenty of those eBibs in my posts because I relate to about 97% of them.