Murray Christmas.

Merry MURRAY Christmas!

I was too excited to sleep last night. No joke. It happens every year, even at my ripe old age of 20, I can’t sleep on Christmas Eve. As I get older, I get more excited about giving gifts to my parents and brother than receiving gifts. I just couldn’t wait to see the look on their faces when they opened their gifts (and then promptly asked for the gift receipts ;). 

 We opened stockings, enjoyed some delicious breakfast (oatmeal with peanut butter and banana, obviously) and then proceeded to unwrap the rest of the gifts. We were all spoiled rotten. 

My family is prepping me to be a triathlete. I got CYCLING SHOES, running gloves, running socks, swimming headphones, a water bottle, and plenty of other goodies. I am ready to rock my runs, spin classes, and lane swimmings! There were some pretty awesome gifts for each and every one of us this year.

My dad got a beautiful blue MEC down winter jacket… it looks especially good with shorts. That is actually most likely how he would wear it… he wears shorts about 87% of the year… and we live in Alberta!

There were some “misses” for gifts. It turns out my brother doesn’t wear a women’s size medium sweater.

I was WAY too excited to get Jay Onrait’s book, “Anchor Boy.” If you haven’t checked out the Jay and Dan Podcast – DO IT. You will laugh really hard (and consequentially make a fool of yourself and look like a crazy person on the bus home from school).

One of my brother, Stuart‘s, gifts was registration to bar-tending school. My parents clearly have high hopes for him. Heck with business school, bar tending appears to be his future destiny. 

I got gingerbread tea in my stocking and promptly made some to try it. DELICIOUS. Board games with gingerbread tea makes for the best Christmas afternoon. And some N’Sync Christmas music, obviously.

Some of us needed a little assistance to make it through “family game time.” It may have been because she lost every. single. game. A+ for effort, mom.

It was snowing. It was raining. It was slushing. It was windy. 

I am full of excuses and I was a pansy today. I went with my parents to my dad’s office to use his gym. My aunt got me the coolest shirt that says “DO IT” and when you sweat (which for me is quite often) it changes to say “DON’T QUIT.”

7.0 miles at about 7:58 min/mile. I randomly would call out “SPRINTERVAL” during our hour at the gym and we would all bust out a sprinting interval for a minute on our respective cardio equipment, me on the treadmill, my mom on the spin bike, and my dad on the exercise bike. My dad probably regretted bringing me to his office gym at that point 😉

There is a mirror in front of the treadmill at his office gym so I got to watch myself run. It was actually pretty vain helpful in ensuring I watch my form, maintain my posture, and see my shirt change letters. I got to see what other people have to get to see while I run at my regular fitness centre. It’s not as graceful or pretty as I thought 😉

After our workout we were fully prepared to replenish all of the calories we burned with turkey, yams, broccoli, mashed potatoes… and plenty of it!

A perfect Murray Christmas, full of family, games, smiles, laughter, food, and fun. I am hoping everyone enjoyed their day and were spoiled rotten by Santa! I am ready to hit the spin bikes (and teach some classes), jump in the pool and swim 3.7X faster with music playing in my ears, and look fantabulous running in some new gear (hello, Running Room gift card!). Thanks for making my day as wonderful as possible!

Merry Christmas!