OCD in Eights.

It turns out that resting my legs yesterday was a good idea. A break from running was just what I needed because this morning my legs were ready to hit the treadmill again. I was at the gym nice and early, unlike yesterday, which just felt strange. 10.0 miles beginning with an 8:27 minute mile, progressing to 8:00 minute miles for the last six miles, for an overall pace of 8:08 min/mile.

After the run, I did abs… in other words, I was tired and sweaty and wanted to lie on a mat for a while. My legs look extremely yellow in this photo… I promise it’s the camera… my skin doesn’t actually look like that (I hope).

I attempted to multitask on the stepper for a few minutes and caught up on some blogs on my phone while I stepped. 

I took it really easy with the intensity of the stepper, just spent 10 minutes reading blog posts and cooling down from the run. I ran 8:08 min/mile, had a 5:38 wall squat, and did abs in sets of 8. Naturally, I continued the pattern and did stairs on level 8. OCD alert.

I was a nice, sweaty mess by the end and more than ready for a shower and some breakfast. I had to resort to bringing my phone to the gym for my music because it turns out my iPod is a goner and the rice wasn’t able to bring it back to life. (Note to self: Check your pockets before throwing your clothes in the washing machine, especially when you come home from the gym). On the plus side, you get a special sweaty selfie as a result of this loss and the fact that I had to bring my phone to the gym… you’re welcome.

Resting my legs yesterday definitely helped me pound out ten miles on the treadmill today. It was an uneventful run… steady pace and many many sports highlights!