Pancakes in pajamas.

I hit up the gym after work for a short and sweet workout. I did some quality miles on the treadmill today – 4.0 miles at a 7:44 min/mile pace. They felt fab. I think I sweat more during those four miles than I did during my ten mile run yesterday

I have spend plenty of time in this position during the month of December. I have challenged myself to do a daily wall-sit, attempting to make each day longer than the last. Today I spent over SIX minutes on the wall (6:08)… good times.

I did some shoulder and back strength training after my run. I usually forget to do back weight lifting because it doesn’t really fall into my arms-abs-legs rotation of strength training. I figure it is probably the most underrated muscle group – heck, they hold your entire body upright – and they gets completely ignored in my workouts! One thing about back work – BE CAREFUL. Those back muscles are pretty important, and weights that are too heavy, and moves with incorrect form will easily mess them up (don’t mind my medical terminology). Take it easy, but good posture is something I have struggled with and my back muscles could definitely use some strengthening! 

I was in the gym for just over an hour and in that amount of time I managed to forget that I ordered an Americano when I left work, and had it in my car waiting for me. What a lovely surprise result of short term memory loss!

The reason I ran fast(er) today? The faster you run, the faster you can go home and eat PANCAKES. It was incredibly scary yesterday when both my mom, my dad, and I said we had been craving pancakes for dinner but none of us said anything until after dinner so it was a unanimous decision to have them tonight!

Breakfast for dinner means that you should must eat in your pajamas. It’s only natural. 

Blueberry pancakes topped with nothing but the best. Actually, peanut butter is the best topping for pretty much anything. Crunchy peanut butter, obviously.

I had to include some berries on my pancakes as well. They add some delicious nutrients and vitamins to my delicious pancakes… that, and I needed the berry juice to wash down the copious amounts of peanut butter that was added to my pancakes. 

Warning: the following picture may cause hunger, drooling, and jealousy. 

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. 

It felt good to hit the treadmill hard. I chose a long and slow run yesterday so my legs felt ready to run faster today… not longer, but faster. Quality versus quantity, right?