Quality versus quantity.

There are two different types of runs… quality miles and quantity miles. Quality miles are those that PUSH you, like interval training, sprints, and tempo runs. They are quality miles because they make you a faster and stronger runner. Quantity miles are long, steady-paced runs where distance is more important that intensity. I chose quantity today, and though I always feel better when I lay it all out in an interval run or Yasso 800s, I ended up hitting the treadmill for a slow, steady, long run. 

I figure I will get enough of both quality and quantity miles when I begin marathon training in February to make up for an imbalance in my runs now! I did 10.0 miles, at a pace of 8:24 min/mile, which felt fast… so turns out my legs were still a little sore from leg day… two days ago. Once I did my run, I hit up the wall for my daily wall-sit. I passed SIX minutes! 

I did a little 10 minute cool-down on the exercise bike. I don’t like the exercise bike. That seat is NOT comfortable. I was too lazy to go to the third floor of the gym to ride the spin bikes, so I stuck it out on the exercise bike. Yes, lazy enough to not walk up a flight of stairs, but not lazy enough to run 10 miles… it makes sense.

Turns out if you talk about the running books you are reading enough, people will just bring you more books to read. I don’t even have to go out and find books anymore!

I can’t wait to read this! I have heard the name Dean Karnazes lots but don’t really know much about him, so it will hopefully be a good read! I am taking advantage of the time I have without textbook readings and science paper reading assignments to read “fun” stuff 🙂

After the gym I was super hungry (but when am I not?) and knew I wanted FOOD, but didn’t know what. My mom made me a salad but 87 calories of vegetables wasn’t going to cut it so I made some plain spaghetti and peas… how old am I? It did the trick though and refuelled my glycogen nicely.

I think I will try and get some quality miles in… “try” is the operative word here. I know they will make me faster and overall a better runner, but today my legs just weren’t feeling it. It was nice just to zone out, watch “The Mentalist” marathon on TV, and get a few quantity miles in.